RSCIT Result

Congratulations on taking the RSCIT exam! Now you’re probably eager to know your RSCIT results. This guide will walk you through the process of finding out if you’ve aced the assessment.

Where to Find Your ( rscit old result ) vmou  RSCIT Results

The official website for RSCIT results is maintained by Vardhman Mahaveer Open University

Steps to Access Your RSCIT Results:

  1. Visit the VMOU website:
  2. Look for the “RSCIT Results” section. It might be under “Student Zone” or a similar heading.
  3. You’ll likely need to enter your login credentials, such as your roll number or a combination of your name and date of birth. (Refer to the instructions provided by the exam authority for specific details.)
  4. Once you submit your credentials, your RSCIT result will be displayed on the screen.

Important Reminders:

The results for different exam phases are listed separately. Make sure you’re checking the results for the correct phase you participated in.

Download and save a copy of your results for future reference.

RSCIT Result

Didn’t Find Your Results?


If you encounter any issues accessing your results, here are some troubleshooting steps:


Double-check your login credentials:  Ensure you’re entering the correct roll number, name, and date of birth (if applicable).

Technical Issues:  Sometimes, websites experience temporary glitches. Try accessing therscit results again later or on a different device.

Contact the Exam Authority: If the issue persists, reach out to the RKCL or your authorized training center for further assistance. They can provide guidance on retrieving your rscit results or address any discrepancies.


Additional Tips:


Stay updated! The official VMOU website often announces the release of RSCIT results. Keep an eye on their announcements section to know when to expect your rscit results.

Remember the passing score for the RSCIT exam is typically 28 out of 70.


We hope this guide helps you find your RSCIT results with ease.  Good luck!


All You Need to Know About the RSCIT Exam (FAQs Included!)


The Rajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology (RSCIT) exam is a great way to boost your computer literacy and open doors to new opportunities. Whether you’re a student, working professional, or someone looking to enhance your digital skills, the RSCIT provides a solid foundation in IT fundamentals.


This blog post will equip you with all the essential details about the RSCIT exam, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the RSCIT exam?

The RSCIT exam, administered by the Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL), assesses your understanding of basic computer applications, operating systems, and IT concepts.  It’s an open exam, meaning there’s no minimum educational qualification required.

RSCIT Exam Format

Type of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Total Number of Questions: 35

Marks per Question: 2

Total Marks:  70

Duration:  1 hour

Who Should Take the RSCIT Exam?

Anyone looking to gain fundamental computer skills and knowledge can benefit from this exam.  Here are some specific groups:

Students pursuing higher education or careers in IT

Working professionals seeking to improve their digital literacy

Individuals interested in learning basic computer applications for personal use


Q: What are the eligibility criteria for the RSCIT exam?

There are no formal educational qualifications required. Anyone can apply.

Q: How often is the RSCIT exam conducted?

The exam is typically held multiple times a year. You can check the official RKCL website or authorized training centers for upcoming exam dates.

Q: How can I apply for the RSCIT exam?

The application process usually involves registering with an authorized RSCIT training center.  They will guide you through the application procedures.

Q: What is the syllabus for the RSCIT exam?

The syllabus covers various topics like computer basics, operating systems (like Windows), word processing, spreadsheets, internet applications, and basic computer troubleshooting.

Q: Where can I find study materials for the RSCIT exam?

Authorized training centers often provide study materials and practice tests. Additionally, you can find online resources and sample papers with a quick web search.

Q: How much does the RSCIT exam cost?

The exam fees can vary depending on the training center. It’s advisable to contact your chosen center for specific fee details.

Q: Where can I get my RSCIT certificate after passing the exam?

Once you pass the exam, you can usually collect your certificate from your registered training center.

Next Steps

Ready to take your first step towards IT proficiency? Research authorized RSCIT training centers near you and inquire about upcoming exam dates and application procedures. Remember, the RSCIT exam is a valuable asset for anyone looking to build a strong foundation in computer skills.

By taking the initiative and acquiring this certification, you’ll be well on your way to navigating the digital world with confidence!

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